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Luise Ross Gallery

Our second exhibition of Gayleen Aiken's work will feature her illustrated books. More than 300 journals date from the early 1950's up to the time of her death in 2005. By vividly recording minute details, Aiken organizes not only her interior life, but her Vermont surroundings as well.

Aiken's works on paper and canvas come across as very happy, upbeat, cartoony, and even nonsensical. When reading the journals in depth, her loneliness, sadness, and extreme obsessiveness become apparent. The journals reveal very deep anxieties about the real world in which she lived. In this context, Aiken's bucolic landscapes and 27 Raimbilli cousins are not child-like fantasy, but a hard won luxury.

This exhibition shows the intensity of her work, which takes the viewer to another realm, the realm of Gayleen Aiken. Welcome to her world.

More images coming soon.

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